Child Practicing Gymnastics
Young Gymnast

Gymnastics Classes for Kids

Little Tornados

4 - 6yrs

Monday, Wednesday (Waitlisting), Thursday, Friday and Saturday

A great way for your little one to stepping stone into gymnastics in a warm, relaxed, friendly, environment.


Gymnasts work through the British gymnastics badges with rewarding well praised productive skill learning. This session is very popular and children in this class develop noticeably quickly.


Shaping and motor skill exploration is the main objective, not forgetting FUN!!


45 minute fun / learning


Girls Recreational Gymnastics

7 - upwards
Weekdays From 4.45pm - 5.45pm
Monday, Wednesday (waitlisted), Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Fun, yet challenging foundation gymnastics for girls. Gymnasts in this group work through attaining the Core proficiency badges and other awards.


Dynamic and highly progressive class.

Practicing Gymnastics

Boys  Recreational Gymnastics

6 Years Plus

Fridays 4.45pm - 5:45pm

Fun yet, challenging foundation gymnastics for boys!


Core proficiency badges and much more. Boy's being well conditioned and more flexible leads to better gymnastics skills and gains in other sports they may be pursuing.


Explosive and team building boy's transform themselves into their favourite superhero.


Over 10's Mixed General gymnastics ( Waitlisting)

10 - 16yrs

Saturdays 2:00pm - 3:00pm

In a warm, relaxed ,friendly environment. 


We work through the British gymnastics core proficiency badges and participate in displays.


Tumbling and Vaulting (Floor and vault) groups enter competitions.


Private classes with Justin Bannister


Accelerate your child's progress with private one-on-one classes with our head coach, Justin Bannister.