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Gymnastics Classes for Adults

Adult Gymnastics Body (Begginers)

To be arranged upon demand

Gymnastics is possible by pre conditioning the body toward specific tasks. Many adults attend gyms regularly which is good nowdays as there are many programs to suit so many different varieties of personal requirements. With our Gymnastics body conditioning which is a tradition within our sport, the human body and the complete overall stature and abilty of the athelete is paramount, Gymnastics though obviously consists of high energy acrobatic movement which isn't for everybody and can be pretty scary. This program provides all the body preparation of a gymnasts training regime to result in a well rounded and defined figure. It's been said gymnasts have the best balanced body and we want to home in on this for individuals whom wish to achieve this without the big tumbles and harsh acrobatic skills. Body shaping and activation rather than just mondless reps of standard exercises. We have been using body weight as opposed to external weights for decades and clearly this is evident when we see the physique of a gymnast. Resistance and isotonic elements in a controlled environment can prove rapidly effective as you place demands upon your body and this foundation class is ideal to get off on the right foot.

This module is best started from the beginning of the term to see the full results. It's no problem though if you just come on board at any time.


All new adult gymnasts will learn foundations in a very cool, social setting without judgement. Explore your boundaries. Using gymnastics foundations to attain great flexibility and core stability, see the results in weeks as your body starts to adapt and and become fitter, stronger, faster and more flexible.


This is a general gymnastics class. 

Girls at a Gym
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