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I have known Justin for over 25 years, first as a competitive gymnast where he competed at international level for Great Britain, and then later as a professional coach and leader.


  Justin was always committed and driven as an athlete, and those skills were transferred into his professional coaching career. 


South Essex Gymnastics club is one of the most prestigious and successful clubs in the UK for both Men and Women with gymnasts like Max Whitlock OBE (6 times Olympic medallist, and 3 times Olympic and World Champion) Courtney Tulloch, Georgia-Mae Fenton (World, European and Commonwealth medallists) and Shannon Archer (Commonwealth Medallist) to name a few. 


Justin was a part of our coaching team for a few years where he demonstrated outstanding qualities to the coaching set up, bringing a fresh, but well studied, dynamic to the organisation. 


Justin was not only a great coach and leader with the elite section of the club, but was also diverse with his expertise, delivering exceptional coaching and leadership to our recreational, adult and special needs programmes. 


Justin is a fun, approachable, committed and driven individual, who is also keen to learn and adapt to knew challenges and environments. He is great with both young children, and older students. 


I would have no issue recommending Justin.

Scott Hann MBE

Director Of Coaching - South Essex Gymnastics Club

Technical Advisor - British / Scottish Gymnastics 

Lay a strong foundation for physical fitness throughout your child's lifetime

Give your child the gift of strength, coordination, motor skill development, core strength, flexibility and confidence

Regular participation in gymnastics has health benefits for children of all ages. At Tornado Gymnastics Club, our training environment is relaxed, yet well controlled and structured. Ranging from beginners to competitive gymnastics, there is a creative, positive energy which extends to all involved!

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Gymnastics classes for kids - all levels welcome

Chalking Hands

Adult circuit fitness gymnastics classes

Meet your head coach

As an artistic gymnast Justin Bannister competed for Great Britain before launching his coaching career.

Explore our gymnastics facility

Located in the beautiful Folkestone high grounds, our sports venue lends itself to excellence.


A safe space for learning

Our goal is to ensure gymnasts participate and work within a safe learning environment, challenging each individual to progress at a pace they can maintain, enjoy and accomplish. 

At our club we allow for the personal growth of self motivation and self discovery. 


"One of the best artistic gymnastics coaches we have ever met! Very passionate with a fantastic approach towards both kids and parents. Justin is a great gymnast himself and is able to demonstrate different skills to the children. Always helpful and supportive. Very grateful for his hard work and helping my daughter to get to where she is now".



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